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About ECR International, Inc.

ECR International, Inc. has made it possible for people around the world to enjoy a higher standard of indoor heating and cooling comfort.

As a full-service provider of American engineered-and-manufactured hydronic and forced air products, ECR is recognized for its innovation, quality, performance and reliability and the only North American company to make and market all of these products under one corporate roof. ECR designs, manufactures and markets HVAC equipment including boilers, water heaters, hydronic system controls and furnaces in modern plants at Dunkirk and Utica, New York. ECR has been located in New York State since 1928 when Earle C. Reed established manufacturing facilities for cast iron boilers and radiators in Dunkirk and Utica, New York. ECR was formed in 1999 as a merger of The Utica Companies (Utica) and Dunkirk Radiator Corporation and named in his honor. ECR is a strong supporter of local charities and is proud to be the creator and a founding sponsor of Utica’s famous 15K (9.3 miles) Boilermaker Road Race.

In 2008, ECR invested fourteen million dollars on renovations in their Utica and Dunkirk facilities. Renovations consisted of building a new 25,000 square stamping plant in Dunkirk and upgrading the manufacturing equipment. At the Utica facility a 30,000 square foot expansion was added to their manufacturing facility. A world class research and development lab for hydronic, warm air and cooling design was the highlight of the renovations.

At the 2012 AHR Expo (one of the industry’s leading events), ECR International was able to introduce nine new products. Leading the way was the state of the art wall hung condensing boiler. The 95%-AFUE Gas-Fired, Modulating Condensing boiler is available from Dunkirk Boilers as the Helix VLT and from Utica Boilers as the SSC. At the suggestion of many heating professionals from across the country, the boiler was designed with a new type of heat exchanger. This vertically mounted, helical fin-tube heat exchanger has wide, smooth waterways, designed with hard-water deposits and scale in mind. The heat exchanger is fabricated from 316L/444 stainless steel for long life, and it is backed with an outstanding warranty. ECR believes in this boiler, inspired by real-world, professional feedback.

On the cooling side, EMI released it’s E-verter line of variable speed ductless split air conditioners with inverter technology. Comprised of an indoor air handler and outdoor compressor, ductless split systems provide economical solutions when only area cooling and heating is required. Inverter compressor technology allows the outdoor unit to continuously adjust its speed to match the indoor comfort needs. New in 2013 from EMI is the Enviroair line of single and multi-zones ductless split systems also with inverter technology. With smaller capacities, these systems are ideal for residential use.

With a product line that covers nearly all space heating and cooling needs, revolutionary engineering and new capabilities and space, ECR is leading the heating and cooling market towards a better future.

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