About ECR

ECR International, Inc. is a manufacturing company in the USA. ECR provides heating and cooling products under a family of brand names in North America. With two facilities in upstate NY and distribution points throughout the US and Canada, ECR serves the needs of its customers through quality products, modern innovation, and reliable customer service. 

 While not always known as ECR International, the company does have a rich history going back nearly ninety years.  The tradition of quality and expertise began back in 1928 when founder Earle C. Reed established two manufacturing facilities in Dunkirk and Utica, New York.  The Dunkirk facility was originally known for manufacturing cast iron boilers and radiators, while Utica purchased boilers from Dunkirk and manufactured cast iron radiators and baseboard.  Back in 1928, the companies were called “The Utica Companies” and “Dunkirk Radiator Corporation.”    These companies acquired other heating and cooling companies over time in order to provide a diverse product lineup.  In 1999, the Utica and Dunkirk companies, and all associated brands and acquired companies merged into one company, ECR International, Inc.  ECR carries the initials of founder Earle C. Reed and the company logo displays his image.  In August of 2021, ECR was acquired by Granby Industries LP, a division of TerraVest Industries Inc. Since it was founded in 1954, Granby Industries has become the North American leader in the manufacturing and distribution of residential, light commercial and light industrial tanks for the safe storage and distribution of combustible liquids. 

 Fourteen million dollars was invested in 2008 to renovate ECR’s Utica and Dunkirk Facilities.  The renovations included a new 25,000 square foot stamping plant in Dunkirk and new manufacturing equipment.  A 30,000 square foot expansion was added to the Utica manufacturing facility, as well as a world class research and development lab for hydronic and air source equipment design and testing.  Continued investment into Engineering and Manufacturing has helped ECR to remain innovative and competitive in an ever changing industry.   

ECR International is active in the communities it serves by supporting local charitable organizations and educational facilities.  Utica’s world-famous Boilermaker Road Race was established in 1978 by Earle C. Reed the grandson of our founder.  Earle C. Reed was looking for a way to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary and give back to the community that had supported his family’s business.  The 15K road race began with just 876 runners.  Today the race is one of the top ranked races in the country attracting over 17,000 runners with annual donations exceeding $149,000.  ECR and its employees support the United Way annual donations and are involved with numerous charitable events throughout the year.  ECR has a commitment to education, donating equipment to educational institutions and trade organizations as well as hosting multiple training events throughout the calendar year free of charge to installing contractors in any of its three training centers. 

After nearly nine decades, ECR International, Inc. continues as an industry leader by following in the footsteps of Earle C Reed’s original vision.  


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