ECR Adds Larger Capacity Condensing Floor Standing Models - 07/24/2020

ECR International is pleased to introduce the addition of four new condensing boilers in the Floor Standing configuration, the MAHF/DCBF-165 Space Heating Boiler and the MACF/DCCF-205 Combi Boiler. These models are an extension of the current product lines, featuring our proprietary artificial intelligent control, or [AI] Control Technology. All boilers utilize the same electronic components. Contractors will appreciate the easy service and labor-saving installation features. When in Domestic Hot Water mode, the Combi boiler will fire at 205 MBH and provides up to 5.0 gallons/minute of domestic hot water. The MAHF/DCBF-165 and MACF/DCCF-205 are both rated at 165 MBH for Central Heating Mode. Some of the other features of the MAHF/DCBF & MACF/DCCF include:


  • 95 % AFUE – Energy Star Most Efficient Boiler
  • Artificial Intelligence [AI] boiler control
    • Self-Commissioning
    • Recognizes Natural or LP gas operation and self-adjusts – no field conversion kit required
    • Continuously calibrates combustion by adjusting air / fuel ratios automatically
    • 7:1 Turndown Combi Model DHW Mode
    • 5.5:1 Turndown Combi & Heating Model in CH mode
  • Built-In Primary/Secondary LABOR SAVER™ Manifold
  • 316L Stainless Steel Tube Heat Exchanger and Burner
  • High Limit
  • Low Water Pressure Sensor
  • Pressure Relief Valve, Temperature Pressure Gauge
  • Built in Pump
    • Frost Protection,
    • Pump Anti Seize prevention


The Combi version also features:

  • Stainless Steel Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Automatic 3-Way Diverting Valve with Anti Seize prevention
  • 5.0 gallons per minute at 70⁰ rise
  • Pre-Heat function speeds delivery of hot water


  • Boiler allows for 3 venting options.
  • Refer to the next page for venting options and vent material pricing