ECR International, along with several other Central New York Essential manufacturers, have developed a grass roots consortium to develop safe working enviroments in the era of Covid-19.  The participating manufacturers  are taking a pledge to keep employees safe and the factories running.

The pledge is designed to provide manufacturers with best practices and safety standards  to protect employees. It includes a list of baseline requirements that include controlling site traffic, enhancing hygiene protocols, social distancing to reduce density, on-site emergency response, and improving communication with employees, the community, and customers. After implementation each company then is audited for ensuring they are living up to the pledge.  It is not do business as usual, but to take extraordinary steps to keep their factories safe for employees, suppliers and the communities in which they reside.  The management of the program and the expansion to other companies throughout New York State has been turned over to the Manufacturers Association of Central New (MACNY)

“The appliances we manufacture in our facilities that provide heat and hot water for residences are essential and therefore we are taking measures to protect our workforce and ensure we are doing everything we can to provide a safe working enviroment,” said Ron Passafaro, President and CEO of ECR International, Inc. “Participating with other Essential organizations that have similar enthusiasm for their employees safety has allowed all members to learn from each other.  We have a great community of businesses here in Central New York and a shared value system that puts people first.  Now that the founding members have implemented the entire process MACNY will do a great job of overseeing the process and bringing to the rest of the state”. 

ECR International has communicated these guidelines to their employees.  When the on-site staff enters the  building, they must use hand sanitizer after they sign in and get a temperature check before beginning their work. “The guidelines we‘ve put in place are necessary to reduce the spread of the Coronovirus,” Passafaro said. “We are working together to get back to working .”