ECR International Announces Utica NY Manufacturing Plant Consolidation

October 6th, 2023

ECR International on January 4, 2024; will cease manufacturing operations in our Utica New York Facility. 

ECR International will be moving all manufacturing from the Utica New York Facility to our Dunkirk New York Facility.  As a result of this move the Utica New York Manufacturing Plant will be offered for sale.   

The logistics involved with maintaining (2) separate facilities does not align with optimizing manufacturing capabilities.  ECR International recently invested over 2 million dollars in our Dunkirk New York facility to streamline our operations and increase productivity.

This plant consolidation will strengthen ECR International and allow us to continue manufacturing in New York State. 

ECR International has been an integral part of the Utica community since our founding in 1928 and ECR International will continue to have our customer service, technical support, finance, marketing and engineering operations maintained in the Utica New York area.