ECR International has announced the
Maximum Heat Pump Series
Advantage Heat Pump Series

ECR International, a division of Granby Industries, has announced the introduction of a new product line of Single Zone and Multi Zone Ductless Split Systems. The new product line is the latest in technology for the one of the top leading brands in the ductless systems industry, EMI

The new EMI Maximum Heat Pump Series and Advantage Heat Pump Series offer highly flexible and highly efficient temperature control for every kind of indoor space, delivering perfectly tuned comfort. Leveraging an advanced indoor/outdoor “split” design, these new products are an ideal fit for space-constrained, multi-unit buildings and retrofits where full-duct sizing are impractical. Designed with both installing contractors and end users in mind, these units are surprisingly user friendly from the point of installation to end use.

And this new product line of single and multi-zone ductless split systems couldn’t have come at a better time.  Communities everywhere have placed an emphasis on using “green” technology wherever they can to save on energy costs and protect the environment.  These products are designed with electric-efficient technology, which puts them at the top tier in efficiency ratings. This is great news for installing contractors and homeowners because the high ratings of the Maximum Series qualify for huge money saving rebates with utility and municipal programs.   The Advantage Series offers a cost-effective option.

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EMI, ECR International, and parent company Granby Industries are committed to bringing the most reliable and efficient heating products to the homes and businesses of their valued customers throughout North America, and this product line is just the latest in delivering on that promise.